Having a Successful Sensory Halloween

For parents of children who struggle with sensory issues, Halloween presents particularly challenging questions: What fabrics will my child tolerate? How will my child react to noises during trick-or-treat? Will my child panic due to the crowds? Christina Treece, President of Friends of Blanchard Valley School, notes that costumes are especially difficult for children with

Local Tween Twirling her Way to the Top

Exceptional people with amazing stories and abilities abound within our community, but there are none as inspirational as the stories of young men and women who have the drive, passion and determination to achieve their dreams. Marie Kershaw is one of those stories, a local tween whose passion and hard work has elevated her baton

Keeping Halloween Safe for Kids with Food Allergies

What’s scarier than goblins, ghouls and witches on Halloween night? Trick or treating with a child who has a food allergy. Parents want to include their children in the fun Halloween traditions but also know the very real dangers a seemingly harmless candy bar can pose. Fear not, there are plenty of ways to enjoy

A School Choice with Impressive Results

Do you have a teenager that is struggling to stay at grade level or one that would benefit from moving ahead? Does he or she have challenges in the classroom? Findlay Digital Academy is designed for students whose needs, desires or circumstances would best be served by a non-traditional educational model. It is an online

Making Singapore Home

Annie and Michael Gill both grew up in the nearby town of Pandora, spending nearly ten years calling Findlay home. The couple “loves all things Findlay,” says Annie, including picnics at Donnell Pond, burgers at Wilson’s and chocolate shakes at Dietsch Brothers. In January of 2017, the Gill family moved to Singapore to begin a

Sharing a room? It’s complicated.

When I was five years old I fell asleep with Karen and Richard Carpenter staring at me from a poster above my bed. Why was the poster above my bed and not my sister’s? Because I was the little sister. What was hers was hers, and what was mine was hers. Our twin beds were