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Back to School Guide: Lunch Packing Made Easy

School supplies are bought. Wardrobe got an upgrade. Calendar is updated. There’s still that daily nuisance of getting lunch ready every single school day. The struggle is real. Here are a few helpful tips to fill your child’s belly with food that doesn’t require cookie cutters or a culinary degree.   1. Quality supplies: Baggies®

Dig Into Fun at Fossil Park

Part of The Olander Park System, Fossil Park offers visitors an opportunity to dig for fossilized brachiopods, corals and other ancient species. And best of all– you keep what you find! The ADA-accessible park, located in a rock quarry, offers a safe environment for fossil hunters to dig for, wash and learn about fossils dating

Local mothers reflect on what makes Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day, May 14 this year, became an official U.S. holiday in 1914 with devoted daughter Anna Jarvis credited as The Mother of Mother’s Day. Four local moms shared with us what makes their Mother’s Day special. Patricia Hottenstein Children: Amy Kuhlman, Scott Hottenstein Grandchildren: Allison Kuhlman,19 (deceased), Nick Kuhlman, 18 As time goes by,

Cedar Valley Café : Deliciousness for the whole family

Dining out with young children can be…interesting. So it was with great trepidation that I accepted an assignment requiring me to dine in public with my offspring. At first glance, Cedar Valley looks fairly average both inside and out. The interior is pretty neutral, but once we were settled into a booth, I noticed the

Playing the piano enriches lives and instills discipline

Many of us remember of plunking away at the piano as a child. Some may also remember our parents’ daily reminders to practice or experiencing stage fright before a recital. Music lessons have become part of growing up right along with chores, homework and acne. But talk to local piano instructors Marlene Rayl or Alsbrooks