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Loyal Customers Never Go Out of Style

Bryant’s Shoes is closing its doors but will still offer shoe repair by appointment only. A loyal customer deserves loyal treatment, according to one of Findlay’s most well-known downtown businesses. For more than 80 years, Bryant’s Shoe Store, located on South Main Street in Findlay, provided quality shoes and repair services to the community. Bryant’s

Being a Princess is More About Showing Kindness Than Wearing a Tiara

It is this philosophy that fueled Findlay resident Amber French to create the new local business “Party with a Princess,”is a singing and acting company that focuses on bringing magical entertainment to area children. Enlivening birthday parties, charitable organizations and more, party options include song and dance, crafts, face painting, storytime and/or special ceremonies for

Promoting good bone health in a technology-driven world

As the prevalence of technological gadgets has increased, physical activity levels of our children have diminished. This trend defies the fact that most people develop the majority of their bone and muscle mass between the ages of 13 and 20, development which benefits greatly from physical activity. This reduction can negatively affect bone health, often