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Nutrition Club offers fast and healthy food

Haven’t made good on that New Year’s resolution to live a healthier lifestyle yet? Looking for a change in the right direction and haven’t figured out what you need to give you that positive boost? A fast, healthy alternative to fast food is right around the corner. Newcomer Get Right Nutrition Club will give you

Building Better Skills and Community with 4-H

If you live in the country, you’ve probably been acquainted with a lot of things that represent the typical country lifestyle: tractors on the roads, dogs barking and cows mooing in the distance, and the miles of space between neighbors that sprout crops of corn, beans, and wheat. There is something deeper about living in

Keeping Sharp in the Summer with Smarty Pants Findlay

Formerly Mother Hubbard’s Learning Cupboard, the space was bought in March and transformed to the new scholastic spot on the block called Smarty Pants Findlay! Run by Findlay local Jane Hassan, it opened in April and provides a resource for teachers and families to find excellent quality educational and learning supplies. Though the school year

The Write Approach to Summer

Kids sometimes lose progress in their academics over the summer months. Summer is a time when worries over school dissipate and kids enjoy some relaxation. However, if you have a bookworm in your house, you know that this is also a time when a lot of tweens catch up on reading. Locally, Findlay has many