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Proposal makes cuts to BCMH, moves it to new Medicaid program

Governor John Kasich’s new House Bill 49 raises some controversial budget cuts. If the bill is passed, many families in the special needs community may face problems with Medicaid and funding. The proposed budget cut will move The Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps Program (BCMH) to the Ohio Department of Medicaid. The cuts and the

Local classes teach tweens the importance of nonviolence

With the current coverage of violence and negative events in the media, we sometimes forget to focus on the good in life and on the ways we can promote kindness and nonviolence. With the introduction of Project Peace in local schools, kids and tweens K-12 are introduced to skills to help them lead a more

Discovering what causes low self-esteem and how to combat it

Valuing mental wellness along with physical wellness is extremely important, especially in tweens and teens. While they are subject to amazing new experiences and opportunities, tweens often struggle with finding their own self-worth and self-esteem. Low self-esteem is becoming more common, so it’s important that tweens are reminded of their personal value. The Esteem Epidemic

A Harmony of Therapy and Music at Heartstring Melodies

Therapy finds a new rhythm at Heartstring Melodies, LCC with their new clinic space at 219 Liberty Street. The company, which began in 2014 and opened their new space in February, provides music therapy to help clients reach their maximum potential. “Music therapy is great for a variety of people and is beneficial in multiple