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Happy Father’s Day

My father’s jackknife is my only tangible reminder of him. I have pictures, memories and stories of the man who died when I was a teenager. It is this jackknife, however, that defines my dad for me. It is not a name brand knife. It is worn in spots, to the point that the design

And The Award Goes To… ‘Tried Her Best’ Mom

I’ve always been uncomfortable being the center of attention on Mother’s Day. I don’t feel I’ve done much to deserve, well, anything. When that day comes around, I’m not the mom who basks in the glow of my great job. In fact, I can easily list my failures as a mother without much prompting. I

When your child decides to cut their own hair

As new parents, we all look forward to those iconic childhood milestones. The first smile, first steps, the first wiggly tooth. What we don’t look forward to? Seeing chunks of a child’s hair in the bathroom wastebasket. With my oldest teen’s permission, I will tell the story of how she cut her own hair, and

Center Helps Children Work Through Abuse

A child who is the victim of sexual abuse often has to relive that abuse by re-telling the details as the case goes through the judicial system. With the help of the Center for Safe & Healthy Children, however, those children will only have to tell the details once in a safe, supportive environment. Family

Could There have Been Life Without the Internet?

You just can’t do homework anymore without the internet. Whether it’s Quizlet, Khan Academy or trusty Google, there are very few nights in my house that various devices aren’t fired up and running. Most of our search histories would bore Homeland Security– in one night alone, it was history, anatomy, Spanish and calculus. It makes

Explore The Trails In Hancock County

Your chance to explore the walking trails in Hancock County – and earn a medal doing so – starts now. For the second year, the Hancock Park District is sponsoring Hike-It!, a community program that promotes the district’s walking trails throughout the county. It’s as simple as walking a short trail and writing down the