De-stress, Detoxify and Deep Stretches at Hot Yoga Findlay

I try to avoid exercising in the heat.  Give me an air-conditioned room, a stationary bike and a magazine to flip through while I pedal.  Comfort is key for me, which made me hesitant when it comes to hot yoga.  But after talking to Peggy Dillon, owner of Hot Yoga Findlay, I found a great

Kawasaki Disease: An Unknown You Should Know About

When Heagan Sparling’s son, Sawyer, spiked a fever that lasted for days, she knew something was wrong. After a trip to the doctor’s office Sawyer was diagnosed with a rare and serious illness that few know of: Kawasaki Disease. While this disease often is misdiagnosed, it is the leading heart disease in children.  Left untreated

AUVI-Q Returns to the Market

Imagine a device that delivers life-saving medication immediately opening airways by giving the right dose of epinephrine to a person who needs it.  Now imagine that life-saving medication is not affordable for many children and adults who are at risk for a severe allergic reaction.  This dilemma was the reality for many families just a

Strengthen That Core at Core Fitness, Ltd.

About Core Fitness, Ltd. Core Fitness, Ltd. is a Pilates and yoga studio owned by Shari Hart and located in historic downtown Findlay. Hart originally began with a focus on personal training, and now the studio also offers group classes in Pilates, yoga and aerial yoga. I decided to take a Pilates/yoga combo class taught

The Dangers of Dry Drowning

The terms “dry drowning” and “secondary drowning” have generated a lot of buzz in the news in recent years. But what exactly do they mean? With pool season in full swing, now is the time to learn about these conditions and what can be done to keep your family safe. April Lieb, certified physician assistant

Car seat safety tips to keep your little ones safe

The CDC estimates that 59% of car seats are misused in a way that reduces their effectiveness. That means that the car seats we carefully research, install, and use every day may not be keeping our children safe. Dawn Wallen is a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety technician who works for the Findlay City Health

Findlay Family Fitness Reviews

For this month’s fitness review, I decided to break out of my comfort zone and try something I’m less than good at: dancing. Sure, I love dancing at weddings and impromptu kitchen dance parties with the fam, but dancing with choreography? It’s not really my thing. However, I had to see what the buzz was

Your guide to the 5 most common winter illnesses

Coughs, colds, and fever. Whether you are an experienced parent or new to the gig, when your child is sick you worry. Lynn Auck, a dual certified nurse practitioner at Northwest Ohio Orthopedics Urgent Care and mom of 2, is here to put your mind at ease. Auck says that the most common illnesses she