Giving Back: Blessing Bags

We all want our children to be loving, giving community members. But children might feel like they can’t do much to make a dent in the bigger problems of the world such as homelessness, pet overpopulation, or global warming. One way to get your kids personally involved in selfless giving is by making “Blessing Bags.”

The Art of the Thank You Note

The art of the handwritten thank you note seems to be quickly fading into the past. But writing thank you notes is a useful exercise for children. It helps instill the message that receiving a gift is not a right, but a privilege. Creating a written message also forces kids to sit down and think

Make Our World a Better Place: 44 Random Acts of Kindness

If you have ever experienced a random act of kindness, you know what joy a simple act can produce. This month, encourage your family to spread that kindness to the people who cross your paths during the holiday season and beyond. Simple Enough for a Child Collect stray carts outside the grocery store and put

Timely Parenting Research: The Low-Down on Shots, Soaps, and Sports

Just when you think you’ve got this parenting thing figured out, new research comes along that refutes everything you’ve been doing since Day One. If you’ve been debating the merits of flu mists, antibacterial soaps and whether or not your kids should specialize in a singular sport, here’s the scoop on the latest research to

The 5 P’s: Common Sense Rules for Augmented Reality

Pokemon GO may be the first breakthrough game to use augmented reality (AR), but it certainly won’t be the last.  The boundaries between virtual and tangible worlds have been blurring for a long time, and new games fuse the two into one irresistible package. As everyone knows by now, Pokemon GO makes tiny monsters appear

Community Snaps: Shark Week Giveaway

We’ve gathered up beach-themed items to gear up for the excitement of the Discovery Channel’s 29th Annual Shark Week (beginning June 26). Inside the sand bucket, which comes with a shovel, we have:  1. A fin-tastic 100-piece Shark Week Puzzle allows children to make a splash— even on rainy days.  2. A snuggly, not-so-ordinary Great White Shark Plush. Don’t be