Challenged Champions Provides Equine Therapy

Since 1997, Challenged Champions has provided equine-assisted therapies for children and adults struggling with a wide range of developmental, physical and emotional disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, brain injury and PTSD.

When Summer Doesn’t Feel Like a Break

For most families, summer is a much-welcomed break. They plan vacations and may alter their schedules by staying up late or sleeping in. It’s time to relax and have some fun! Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Summer break can be a source of anxiety for many special needs families, because it means a change

Sensory-Friendly Movie Nights

Activities are often more difficult for families with special needs— going to the movies is definitely one of those things. Movies can be a great family activity, but for some children with special needs movies can be too loud, too bright and theaters have etiquette expectations that can be quite challenging! Sitting still and being

Having a Successful Sensory Halloween

For parents of children who struggle with sensory issues, Halloween presents particularly challenging questions: What fabrics will my child tolerate? How will my child react to noises during trick-or-treat? Will my child panic due to the crowds? Christina Treece, President of Friends of Blanchard Valley School, notes that costumes are especially difficult for children with

A School Choice with Impressive Results

Do you have a teenager that is struggling to stay at grade level or one that would benefit from moving ahead? Does he or she have challenges in the classroom? Findlay Digital Academy is designed for students whose needs, desires or circumstances would best be served by a non-traditional educational model. It is an online

Proposal makes cuts to BCMH, moves it to new Medicaid program

Governor John Kasich’s new House Bill 49 raises some controversial budget cuts. If the bill is passed, many families in the special needs community may face problems with Medicaid and funding. The proposed budget cut will move The Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps Program (BCMH) to the Ohio Department of Medicaid. The cuts and the

The Center For Autism & Dyslexia To Promote Autism Awareness In April

April is National Autism Awareness Month, focusing a spotlight on a developmental disability that is now prevalent in 1 of every 68 births in the United States. Here in Findlay, students and staff members at The Center for Autism & Dyslexia are scheduling an array of April activities to educate Hancock County residents about this