Are We Addicted to Cellphones?

How much time did your kids spend with their cellphones yesterday? When was the last time you checked yours? If contemplating these questions makes you uncomfortable, you’re not alone. Cell phones dominate our lives in part because they are designed to do precisely that according to Tristran Harris, a tech entrepreneur who worked for a

Lessons at the Restaurant Table

As the school year heats up and our schedules get busy, we might be more inclined to hit up the drive thru line or put in an order for carry-out. And if your budget might put the squeeze on dining out regularly at restaurants, don’t completely cross the option off of your meal-time menu. Eating

Promoting good bone health in a technology-driven world

As the prevalence of technological gadgets has increased, physical activity levels of our children have diminished. This trend defies the fact that most people develop the majority of their bone and muscle mass between the ages of 13 and 20, development which benefits greatly from physical activity. This reduction can negatively affect bone health, often

It Isn’t Easy Being Green

How many trees died foryour children last year? In my case, it seemed like an entire forest ended up in my recycling bin a few days after school was done. I might be exaggerating – slightly – but I was astonished at the amount of paper that was discarded by the end of May. Workbooks,

UF’s Ayane Hida Spreads Knowledge and Joy

Japanese native, Ayane Hida, always had a dream of teaching in the United States. When the opportunity arose, Ayane seized it, and she was assigned to the Mazza Museum to work with Ben Sapp, Director of the Mazza as the JOI (Japan Outreach Initiative) Coordinator. Ayane couldn’t have been happier (or more well-received) than at

Blanchard Valley Center team fills the need with Service and Support Administration

Within Blanchard Valley Center, a team from the Service and Support Administration (SSA) helps people of all ages and abilities find the services and support they need. SSA is a statewide program with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. A service and support administrator (SSA) is a person who works for a County Board of