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School may be back in session, but that doesn’t mean the fun needs to end! With these great after school programs and field trips, the fun of summer is still going strong. Plus, you’ll know your children are engaged and entertained after the bell rings, but before dinner is served! Becky’s School of Dance 15440 U.S.

Back to School Guide: The best websites for STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math: STEM. That’s what the education buzz is about these days. Your kids love their screen time. Why not direct them to programs, games and sites that will teach them important educational skills while they have a great time?  Here are some of the best games and websites for interacting with

10 things you can do at home to prepare them for academic success

Back-to-school preparations go beyond school clothes purchases and new backpacks filled with school supplies.  The Parent Institute, the U.S. Department of Education and the nonprofit Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) have ideas for creating a learning-rich home environment. We combined their ideas into this simple, home learning list to kickstart your child’s literacy and mathematical acuity

School nurses share tips for keeping kids healthy this school year

There is nothing worse than back-to-school sniffles. Because it’s not realistic to keep kids in a bubble, we’ve compiled tried-and-true tips, provided by school nurses, for keeping kids healthy. Madelynn Whitman, school nurse at Bigelow Hill Intermediate, recommends preventing illness by building a healthy immune system: “Eat a healthy breakfast. Sometimes time is an issue.

Back to School Guide: Lunch Packing Made Easy

School supplies are bought. Wardrobe got an upgrade. Calendar is updated. There’s still that daily nuisance of getting lunch ready every single school day. The struggle is real. Here are a few helpful tips to fill your child’s belly with food that doesn’t require cookie cutters or a culinary degree.   1. Quality supplies: Baggies®

2017 Summer Camp Guide

Looking for a fun way to keep your children engaged, entertained, and educated during those months away from school? We’ve compiled our summer camp guide, a list of local camps that are sure to make this summer a memorable one.