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A Dentist Office Kids Don’t Like to Leave

A parenting struggle many of us share is getting kids to the dentist without resistance. It’s not often that kids actually want to go to the dentist. At Findlay Dental Group kids not only want to go to the dentist, but they also don’t want to leave! Dr. Kathryn Lewis works hard to treat her patients

Your guide to the 5 most common winter illnesses

Coughs, colds, and fever. Whether you are an experienced parent or new to the gig, when your child is sick you worry. Lynn Auck, a dual certified nurse practitioner at Northwest Ohio Orthopedics Urgent Care and mom of 2, is here to put your mind at ease. Auck says that the most common illnesses she

Tips To Help Shy Children– Role-play, Practice and Debrief

Shy children ages 5 to 12 may not adapt as well as their peers in the classroom or on the playground, the American Association of Pediatrics reports. Worse, worried parents face a dilemma: Forcing a shy child into social situations is typically counterproductive, said Holly Schweitzer Dunn, a clinical social worker with Mind Body Health