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The Misunderstood Child: Sensory Processing 101

By Sarah Lyons & Rick Neale A typical morning in my home begins with the words, “My clothes hurt me. They are too loose. I need new clothes.” As a result, I begin the search for the “right” clothes for my 4-year-old daughter. After much time, many tears, lots of tight hugs, and a good

All Abilities Day At The Children’s Museum Of Findlay

Children who have special needs can enjoy their own fun at the Children’s Museum of Findlay. The museum, in partnership with the Friends of Blanchard Valley School, offers an “All Abilities Day” at the museum, housed at the Findlay Village Mall. It is held outside of the museum’s regular hours to allow those who are

Exceptional Families Raising Extraordinary Kids

These local families are making a difference in the community through their amazing kids and their big hearts! Meet them and find out about their stories. The Faisant Family Parents: John and Antonia Children: Mikayla, 10, and Julien, 8 Special needs considerations: Mikayla has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, and developmental delays. How did you realize

Special Needs Guide 2016

Awakening Minds Art 515 S. Main St. | Findlay 419-302-3892 | awakeningmindsart.org Awakening Minds Art is a non-profit organization that offers a variety of programs designed for children and adults with special needs. Individuals can take part in 1:1 and group programming offerings that focus on practicing and achieving their non-art related goals (IEP goals, fine

Parade Aid for Special Needs Kids

Awakening Minds Art will offer free activities to keep children safe and entertained during the sometimes-chaotic fun of the downtown Findlay Halloween parade. Spooky Candy Crafts The studio will open at 5pm to the general public, with free crafty Halloween/candy-themed activities. According to AMA director Sarah Crisp, “this is intended to keep youth entertained while