Lindsay’s Law: Protecting Youth Athletes

Enacted in 2017, Lindsay’s law was named for former Miss Ohio, Lindsay Davis, who suffers from a heart condition that could have been deadly if she had not caught the signs early. She now dedicates herself to raising awareness of SCA and the risk it poses for young athletes.

Dentist Profiles

Dental care is important for the whole family and the whole body. Learn more about these local dentists.

Help for Teething Pain

Teething pain can be almost as frustrating for caregivers as it is painful for little ones. A popular numbing cream treatment for teething has recently been removed from the market by manufacturers after the Food and Drug Administration warned parents about the dangers of the numbing agent benzocaine and requested that companies stop selling the product for children.

The Family Resource Center Addresses Mental Health in a Changing World

As parents and caregivers, we take our child’s health seriously baby proofing our homes, teaching our children how to swim and reminding them to wear a helmet while riding a bike. But along with those physical safeguards, a child’s emotional well-being is just as important when it comes to growing to become a healthy, happy adult.