American Heritage Girls offers many benefits to tweens

. August 1, 2017.

Many clubs support community and learning, but few have core principles that strive to teach about God, community, and country.  American Heritage Girls,  a national development organization for young women, offers just that with a motto of “building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country”.

American Heritage History

American Heritage Girls was created in 1995 by Patti Garibay as she felt the range of activity and the matters of faith offered by the Girl Scouts was lacking. After much debate, she decided to create a Christ-centered group for young women that would help guide and grow them into women of integrity.




The first group Patti created, in the Cincinnati area, consisted of fourth and fifth graders which eventually expanded into a community with their own handbook, badges, and trainings.  Known as the Christ-centered, faith-based, scouting-type program, American Heritage Girls have grown from those small beginnings to serving tens of thousands of young women over the course of twenty years.

Earning Skills to Last a Lifetime

Through the program, young women can develop many life skills like using a computer, sewing a button, protecting themselves and more. Young women also grow in skills like leadership, spiritual development, social development, teamwork, confidence and character development.

When they use and practice these skills, they have the chance to earn badges at certain levels. Tweens can grow at the Explorers level. Each badge program is divided into six Frontiers that help to create a well-rounded program.


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