Ask the Expert: Peggy Dillon


1. Why should people embark on a yoga journey?

Many times when people hear yoga they think of a practice with postures they could never do…they are not flexible. Yoga is more than postures. We tend to only notice our bodies and minds when there is pain or crisis, yoga gives us an opportunity to explore the whole body, all the sensations not just the challenging ones. Getting to know our bodies through guided breaths, postures and meditation helps cultivate and enhance self-awareness. Yoga contributes to a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of our life.

2. What are the benefits of yoga in infrared heat?

Infrared or radiant heating is simply the transfer of heat from a warm object to a cooler object. The heat is a product of a completely safe spectrum of light that is invisible to our eyes. Just as the sun has been heating people here on earth for thousands of years, infrared panels radiate sun-like warmth to people, floors, and furniture, rather than heating the air. Some of the benefits of infrared heat are the loosening of sore muscles and stiff joints, it increases blood circulation, helps rid body of toxins, increases the ability to heal soft tissue injuries, provides relief from arthritis pain and can help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles.

3. How does yoga exercise the mind?

Yoga uses breathing to focus our minds, while we explore the body, this can improve our emotional state and may even improve memory.

4. What body changes can people expect to see after starting yoga?

There are many scientific studies that support the benefits of a well-balanced daily yoga practice. Some of the benefits that someone may see when they start are increased flexibility, strength, range of motion (healthy joints), improvement of the immune system due to the  flushing of the lymph glands, increased digestion/elimination, and the ability to focus and slow down, which promotes stress management skills –  all this while building a mind and body connection. These are just a few of the many benefits that people may see after starting a yoga practice.

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