Back to School Guide: Lunch Packing Made Easy

. August 1, 2017.

School supplies are bought. Wardrobe got an upgrade. Calendar is updated. There’s still that daily nuisance of getting lunch ready every single school day. The struggle is real. Here are a few helpful tips to fill your child’s belly with food that doesn’t require cookie cutters or a culinary degree.


1. Quality supplies: Baggies® are awesome– until you run out. Invest in some quality reusable containers like Rubbermaid’s LunchBlox®  or a “bento” box– a single container divided into compartments. Buy once and use it for years. If you want to expand your child’s lunch options, purchase a Thermos® container for hot foods. Let your child practice opening the containers before school starts to minimize spilled food!


2. Start simple: You know what your child likes. Each day, pack one or two (non-dessert) foods that your child is guaranteed to eat. Choose something healthy like PB&J, hummus or a favorite fruit.


3. Add the other food groups: Think of your five fingers– protein, whole grain carbohydrates, fruit, vegetable and a drink. Carbs and proteins are easy. Many kids gobble fruit without complaint. Veggies can be a little trickier. Frozen peas make an easy finger food. Carrots or sliced cucumber with ranch dressing are often popular with young diners.


4. Think color and texture: Naturally colorful food tends to be healthy. And combining different textures can make familiar foods more interesting or encourage picky eaters to try something new. Try nuts with raisins for a salty/sweet and crunchy/chewy combo.


5. Prep: Take a whole food (like an entire cantaloupe or a block of cheese) and cut it into bite-size pieces or single-serving size. If you have enough containers, simply divide and fill each one. Grab one each morning to making packing super easy!