Group summer programs

. July 2, 2017.

Finding summer programs that are suitable for children of all abilities can be tricky. Awakening Minds Art offers a variety of summer programs that are suitable for children of all abilities. If children are interested in learning more about the world around them and creating art based on what they’re learning The Art of Learning series on Mondays from 10:30-11:30am is a great option! There are also activities available for specific age ranges as well.

Sarah Crisp, the Director/Owner of Awakening Minds Art explains what they offer to include children of all abilities.

“There are few activities that children can do with their special needs sibling, but at Awakening Minds Art, an atmosphere of all inclusiveness exists where everyone is AMAzing and art creates a common bond. Not just siblings, but the entire family, can participate in activities at the AMA studio and feel united while creating a beautiful masterpiece.  It’s a chance to connect on a level that is difficult to find elsewhere.”

Isn’t that what special needs families need? A chance to feel united and connected while enjoying something they can all do together.

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