Halloween Yarn Garland

. October 1, 2017.

Need an inexpensive, no-sew project to dress up your mantel? This craft found on Growing Up Gable Blog is made with very few supplies and is easy enough for tweens to make all by themselves. Since the finished product costs less than a dollar, these garlands are a perfect holiday drop off to friends and neighbors. What a fun and easy way to add a little extra personality to your décor.

Orange yarn
Black yarn
White yarn
Fishing line (optional for hanging)
Dining chair (mine was 14 inches but larger works fine too)
Green pipe cleaners
(three total)
Black pipe cleaners (six total)

Spider (makes 3):
 Wrap the black yarn around your chair 75-100 times. The pompom will be thicker the more times you wrap the yarn.
Slide the yarn off the chair.
 Cut three 12-inch pieces of black yarn. Start by double knotting one of these pieces around the center of the chunk of yarn, then double knot the other two 12-inch pieces closer to the looped ends. The goal is to have an equal amount of yarn on each side of the knots.
 Cut the looped ends.
 Cut the large chunk of yarn equal distance between the center knot and side knots.
While holding on to the tails (12-inch pieces of yarn), trim and shape your spider.
 Cut two pipe cleaners in half to make four pieces. With the long tail facing up, lay your pipe cleaners down and tightly tie to the spider.
 Shape the pipe cleaners to resemble legs.
 Trim the tail if you plan to use fishing line to hang, or leave the tail long if you plan to create loops instead.


Pumpkin (makes 3):
 Follow steps 1-3 for the spider, but use orange yarn and wrap around the chair about 150 times.
 After you trim your pumpkin, attach a stem. Lay a green pipe cleaner across the tail and secure it with a knot.
 Fold and shape the pipe cleaner to create a stem and vines.

Ghost (makes 3):
 Wrap the white yarn around the chair around 150 times.
Slide the yarn off.
 Cut one end of the looped yarn so you have one long bunch.
Cut that chunk into thirds.
 Cut six, 12-inch pieces of white yarn. Set three aside.
 Tie one piece of yarn around the center of each chunk. Keep the long tail separate if you want to hang the finished ghost with yarn; otherwise, mix it in.
 Fold the bunch down the center and smooth.
 Tie the remaining yarn near the folded end to make a head.
 Shape and trim the ghost.

To hang: You can easily use the yarn tails to create loops to string over the twine or tie loops of fishing line to the tops of the pompoms. Loosely arrange across the twine.