The transition from summer to a new school year is difficult for both children and parents. Your children’s attitude, confidence and performance may be influenced by changes that occur in the weeks leading up to and after school begins. 

The degree of adjustment depends on the child, but parents play a crucial role in balancing the changes – greater levels of activity, structure, academic and social pressures.

Some tips to help ease the transition and promote a realistic, supportive, as well as positive school experience for the entire family, include:

The first few weeks…

Clear your schedule and focus on your children’s school routine.

Make lunches the night before to ease the morning rush.

Set alarm clocks and praise promptness.

Leave extra time to avoid rushing.

Discuss after school plans with all parties involved to alleviate confusion.

Review your children’s curriculum, encouraging confidence, patience, attentiveness, and positivity at school.

Communicate your interest in your children’s progress  with their teachers and ask for regular feedback.

Make an effort to get to know your children’s school, faculty and resources.

Be sure your child is in good physical and mental health as well. Do not hesitate to schedule appointments with your family physician to discuss concerns you may have regarding your child’s emotional or psychosocial development. Your doctor can help determine if your concerns are normal, age-appropriate or require further assessment.

Dr. Badik is a family practice physician at ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital. He is a member of ProMedica Physicians.