Locker Soccer Combines Learning And Soccer

. July 29, 2016.

Perhaps the only thing cuter than tiny people dressed in soccer uniforms, kicking a ball around, is when those tiny people are learning while kicking that ball.

Locker Soccer Academy at Flashover Indoor Sports, combines athletics and life skills for preschoolers that has Findlay parents buzzing. “It’s a child development program using the game of soccer,” explains Cheryl Lauer, owner of Flashover.

Soccer and Social Growth in One

The Academy was designed by Steve Locker to foster soccer skills, social skills, coordination, and confidence in a play-based environment. Classes are open to children of all abilities, ages 2-14. What makes Locker Soccer different than traditional programs is the focus on individual skills instead of a competitive game.

Children are not following in a “herd” to access to one soccer ball. Instead, all participants have a ball to focus on learning instead of competing for the ball.

Happy Children

Coaches, trained through an internship, are taught how to motivate and redirect children in a fun manner.  The average class size is 6 children, so each student receives plenty of individual attention.

Each class incorporates stretching, individual drills, and whole group play. “Our goal is not to create soccer stars, we are developing healthy, happy children” explains Steve Locker.

Locker Soccer Academy sessions typically last 8 weeks, meeting once a week on Thursday (6pm), Saturday (12pm), or Sunday (12pm). The cost for a 2-5 year old session is $108 and requires an additional $15 annual membership fee to Flashover Indoor Sports. There are no deadlines to enroll, and the classes can be prorated or “roll over” into the next session.

Children can join mid-session without missing out!

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