Top Docs

. January 3, 2016.

We rounded up some of Findlay’s finest for this year’s edition of Top Docs. Whether you’re looking for a doctor, a breath of fresh air or are in the market for a specialist, these docs are top notch! Start the New Year with wellness in mind and check out the docs’ Top Tips for a Healthy 2016!


Dr. Robert Beck

Blanchard Valley Pediatrics
1818 Chapel Dr., Suite D, Findlay
419-424-1922 |

Practicing for nearly 40 years, Dr. Robert Beck was inspired in his youth to begin his career as a pediatrician while accompanying his father, who was a family doctor, on house calls.

“I witnessed his unique relationship with the families that he served,” Dr. Beck said. When I was in medical school, I especially admired the resilience of the children on my rotations and developed  a commitment that lasts to this day. Everyday I look forward to working with young families. It is a privilege to be part of their support system.”

Dr. Beck earned his undergraduate and medical degrees from Indiana University. He completed his pediatric residency at The Ohio State University where he served as chief resident his final year, and when he completed his training at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, he and his wife, “recognized Findlay as a great community in which to live and raise a family.” Dr. Beck is board certified in pediatrics and is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. He began practicing in 1976 and established Blanchard Valley Pediatrics, Inc. in 1982.

Dr. Beck enjoys the challenge of nurturing young children and makes every effort to minimize their natural fear when they visit the doctor. He hangs popular cartoon characters from his lab coat to strike up a conversation, distracts them with games and speaks kindly with a friendly smile. “It gives me great satisfaction to complete a toddler’s examination without creating a tearful episode and a bad memory for that child.”

Blanchard Valley Pediatrics provides primary care for children ages birth to 21, where they monitor growth, safety, development and nutrition at each well visit and care for injury and illnesses.

Dr. Beck’s Top Tips for a Healthy 2016:

1.  Make sure your children are fully immunized.

2.  Limit kids’ screen time to one or two hours per day so that they can actively play at least 60 minutes a day.


Dr. Amber Patterson

Blanchard Valley Medical Associates
200 W. Pearl St., Findlay
419-427-1887 |
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Opening a practice in Findlay in 2015, Dr. Amber Patterson brings to the community extensive experience working with children, as well as people of all ages. She is double board-certified in pediatrics and allergy/immunology. Dr. Patterson specializes in helping patients who are suffering with allergies (environmental, food, drug, venom), asthma, and/or eczema. Her office offers allergy testing, immunotherapy (allergy shots) and provides pulmonary function testing, laboratory and others services. Her office uses specialized testing tools for infants and children to simplify the testing process, making it more comfortable for little ones and their parents. 

Originally from Findlay, Dr. Patterson completed medical school and pediatric residency at the University of Toledo College of Medicine. She did her allergy/immunology fellowship at The Ohio State University (Wexner Medical Center/Nationwide Children’s Hospital), and, since the completion of her fellowship in 2011, was invited to join the Ohio State faculty and worked as an Allergist/Immunologist at Nationwide Children’s, where she remains on the research faculty, leading a pioneering intralymphatic immunotherapy research program.

Dr. Patterson most enjoys spending time with her family (especially husband Ben and four children Reid, Lena, Cara, and Hugh) and reading. She is passionate about preventing allergies and asthma.

Dr. Patterson’s Top Tips for a Healthy 2016:

1. Eat a variety of healthy foods to maintain good health. Unnecessary food restriction may contribute to development of food allergies and undernourishment. If you or someone you know has food allergies, it is essential to strictly avoid trigger foods, have a food allergy action plan in place, and always carry epinephrine for treating allergic reactions. Check out for food allergy tips and education.

2. Play hard outside. There are many benefits to outdoor exercise/play. If you cannot tolerate being outside due to allergies or asthma, call Dr. Patterson's office to help identify triggers and set up a personalized treatment plan.


Dr. Lynsi Clinger

Clinger Chiropractic Center
239 S. Main St., Findlay
419-429-1111 |

Dr. Lynsi Clinger, D.C., C.C.E.P., enjoys bringing the latest in chiropractic care to infants, children, expectant mothers, adults and athletes at her office in Downtown Findlay. A passion of Dr. Lyndsi’s is working with pregnant moms, newborns, infants and children. For children, chiropractic care can be used to treat asthma, chronic ear infections, constipation,  ADHD, colic, developmental delay, difficulty breastfeeding and several other problems. Dr. Lynsi can also help expectant moms experience less pain, shorter labor time, fewer medical interventions and increased satisfaction during the birthing process. 

As the only certified chiropractic extremity practitioner (C.C.E.P.) in northwest Ohio, she can apply this natural, non-invasive therapy to many conditions and injuries found in joints other than the spine, for example carpal tunnel syndrome, jaw pain and knee pain. Originally from the Detroit area, Dr. Lynsi, a 2011 graduate of Life University in Georgia, is a licensed chiropractor in the state of Ohio. An athlete while growing up, she often found herself in the care of a chiropractor, and seeing the benefits, developed the passion to make it her career.

Dr. Clinger's Top Tips for a healthy 2016:

1.  Keep your spine and nervous system healthy by seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. 

2. Stay active, eat clean, and drink plenty of water.


Dr. Kathryn Lewis

Mutchler and Lewis Family Dental Care
12515 CR 99, Findlay
419-423-0343 |

Want to feel at ease at the dentist, or even find it – dare we say – “enjoyable”? Focusing on family both in their care and facilities, Dr. Kathryn Lewis and her partner, Dr. Bruce Mutchler have made every effort to do just that at Family Dental Care.

In 2012, Family Dental Care opened a new office, which boasts a tree house for younger children, a reading nook for older kids, TVs in every operatory, and massage chairs for adults. With four children of her own, Dr. Lewis knows the importance of family and comforts children by carefully explaining tools and procedures to kids in a way they can understand.

Dr. Lewis has been practicing for more than nine years. She received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Ohio State University College of Dentistry, and her bachelor’s degree in biology from Clemson University in South Carolina. She and Dr. Mutchler offer general dentistry, custom mouthguards, traditional braces as well as clear aligners, asthetic treatment, including Botox, filler, and veneers, digital x-rays, dentures, and much more. They recommend that your child be seen by a dentist within six months of their first tooth eruption. During a first visit, the hope is to allow a child to see the office, meet the staff, watch a family member being treated, receive an exam, and to want to come back again.

Dr. Lewis’ Top Tips for a Healthy Mouth for 2016:

1. Watch the FREQUENCY of snacking and drinking – every time you eat or drink something sugary, you are feeding the bacteria in your mouth that want to make cavities.

2. Take care of your mouth. Your mouth is a good indicator of your overall health. It has been shown that the bacteria in the mouth can be linked to a number of health issues, including heart disease and diabetes.


Dr. Mark Yoder

Family Eyecare Clinic
107 N. Main St., Bluffton

Dr. Mark Yoder has been doing something he loves, helping people through optometry, in a town he loves – Bluffton – for more than 26 years. He follows in the footsteps of his father, who practiced optometry in Bluffton for more than 50 years.

A Bluffton High School graduate, Dr. Yoder did his undergraduate work at Taylor University in Indiana before attending The Ohio State University College of Optometry. He loves working with children, “Kids are a blast,” he said. “Over 80 percent of the things we learn growing up come through our visual system. It is an honor to help make sure that there are no barriers to that learning potential.”

In an effort to make a visit to his office enjoyable for kids, Dr. Yoder makes much of the exam into a game, with Disney characters, Star Wars figures, and spinning flashing lights to access kids’ eye movements. He cautions that it is important that kids’ vision not only be assessed for health and acuity, but also eye movement and visual perception at yearly exams.

Dr. Yoder’s Top Tips for Healthy Eyes in 2016:

1. Kids live in a world with their visual demands focused more and more on electronic devices. I see babies staring at their parents’ cell phones and 3-year-olds hanging out on personal devices for hours each day. Visual breaks or limits to “screen time” are important. Make sure your child has the visual skills and acuity to comfortably use their eyes up close through exams. 

2. Be careful with small flying objects. We see pediatric eye injuries with air soft, Nerf guns, sword play, etc. Sometimes it is best to avoid these products or at least wear eye protection while using these toys.