What do you do to keep your family healthy and happy during the winter?

. December 30, 2013.

Heather King and her son, Braylon, 2

Q: What extra steps do you take to keep germs away in the colder months?

“I make sure I clean my son’s toys a little more often in the winter. We practice good hand-washing and I’m thankful that his school, YMCA CDC, practices that as well. Lysol wipes are my best friend in the winter months. I can’t wipe things down enough!”

Q: What do you do to keep your son active indoors?

“For indoor activities, my son loves to do yoga. He grabs my mat everyday and hands me the DVDs. It’s nice because it actually forces me to be active daily!”

RaShay Everly and her children, Braydyn Biddle, 9, and Raegan Everly, 6

Q: How do you get your child to eat healthy?

“They like their fruits cut up into shapes. I cut their apples into stars and they will eat them because it’s in a different, fun shape. My kids are also big peanut butter fans, so we like to mix peanut butter with bananas and apples to keep them eating healthy.”






Denise Beach and her son, Hudson, 1

Q: What do you do to keep your family healthy during the winter?

“I make sure Hudson gets a flu shot, wash his toys regularly, and we play outside when we can. When it comes to eating healthy, we play games to make meals more fun!”






Lynsie Smith and children, Cohen, 7, and Ady, 6

Q: What do you do during the winter to keep your child from getting sick?

“I’ve tried to teach my kids to always wash their hands. They each pick out their own fun soap from the dollar store, “Superheroes” and “Strawberry Shortcake.” I also spray their toys down once a week with disinfectant spray.”

Q: How do you make healthy eating fun for kids?

“My kids are picky eaters, so eating healthy is a challenge. I use cookie cutters a lot to make their food fun and let them help me put together their snacks or dinner.”

Q: Are there any activities you do in the winter to keep them active since it’s too cold to play outside?

“We go to the YMCA for Family Swim a lot in the winter. The kids love to swim and it gets them out of the house.”