Locals From Laos Seeking Opportunity Abroad

. November 1, 2016.

You never know—even in Findlay, your next-door neighbors might be from 8,000 miles away. The Thavin family, from Liberty Township, moved here from their home country of Laos in 1997 in search of better employment opportunities.

Making a New Home

The Thavin family’s household consists of Saithong, 48, Nom, 39, and their daughter, Jasmine, 12. Jasmine currently is a seventh-grader at Liberty-Benton Middle School. Their son, Ali, 22, a 2012 graduate of Liberty-Benton High School, is currently serving in the US Air Force, stationed in Arizona. Nom is employed at Sanoh America, Inc., and in her spare time, she gardens peppers, green onions, tomatoes, and solancho, and she does most of the household cooking

What is the biggest difference between Findlay and home?
Laos was poor. We had nothing over there. Meanwhile Findlay has jobs, cars and many luxuries.

What’s your favorite place in Findlay to get out for a date or “me time?”
Tokyo Steak House

What’s your favorite place/activity with the kids?
Imagination Station

What is a cultural tradition you enjoy from home?
We still do hand tight. It’s a tradition where Laos people tie strings to each other’s hands for good luck. We still enjoy dancing, singing, and going to the temple.

What is your top parenting trick?
When my kids were younger I would lay right next to them until they fell asleep.