Dave’s Running PR5K Training Program: Chasing Goals, Forming Friendships

. May 31, 2018.

As a junior in high school my personal goal was to become a runner. I remember, in the beginning, dreading every run as I tried to jog a couple of blocks without stopping. I sought out other runners for advice, inviting them to run with me even though I was SLOW. I stuck with it, built some endurance, and running gave me an amazing feeling of accomplishment. Thanks to the encouragement of others, runs gradually became something I looked forward to and, eventually, an activity that I loved.

Runners meet their goals together with the PR5K program

Dave’s Performance Footgear knows that camaraderie among runners is a key component to success. “The benefits of training with a group are motivation and accountability. You see people running individually all of the time, but when you’re chasing a goal it helps to have others with you,” explains Jim Pool, organizer of Dave’s 5k group training program.

Beginning the first week in June and running through the end of July, Dave’s PR5K program kicks off with bi-weekly group practices, friendly coaching advice and in-store discounts for group members. A detailed weekly training schedule divides participating runners into groups based on their pace. “Our program is open to anyone from beginners to seasoned vets,” says Pool.MomFit---The-PR5K-program-at-Dave_s-Running-builds-camaraderie-and-accountability-among-runners-of-all-levels(1)

Friendships make running fun

The Dave’s PR5K program which began in Toledo, came to Findlay a few years ago. “Overall the program continues to grow,” says Pool, who attributes the success to the friendships the runners form. “It’s a professional program but we like to keep it fun,” he explains. This friendly atmosphere may be the ticket for beginners to give a 5K a try.

Dave’s also hosts group runs, leaving the store each Wednesday at 6pm.

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