Family Fitness Awaits at Findlay Martial Arts Academy

. September 1, 2017.
Chief Instructor, John Paxton teaches families at 
FMAA how to get a great workout
Chief Instructor, John Paxton teaches families at FMAA how to get a great workout

There truly are not enough hours in the day to squeeze in all we want to get done. From filling our evenings with kids’ activities to making time for exercise, before or after work, we have to pick and choose how to use our limited and valuable time. But what if the whole family could exercise together, gain self-esteem and empowerment, and learn self-defense techniques in the process? I would say it’s worth a try! At Findlay Martial Arts Academy, options abound for families and children ages 4 and up. While I took a Fitness Kickboxing Class for adults, it became clear that the studio is also a great place for families.

Just keep moving

The class, taught by FMAA owner and Chief Instructor, John Paxton, began with a brief warm-up of jabs, kicks and stretches. Then we put on boxing gloves and got to work. The majority of the class involved hitting and kicking the standing kick bags while John demonstrated the technique and assisted participants. It felt more like a private lesson in boxing (think Million Dollar Baby) than a typical group fitness class. We moved at our own pace and John assured me that you cannot make a mistake in this class as long as you just keep moving and hitting the bag.

After twenty minutes of boxing, we took off our gloves and moved to the floor for abdominal exercises. Next we got onto our hands and knees and did a variety of leg lifts and kicks that really targeted the glutes. It reminded me of the Billy Blanks Tae Bo workouts that were so popular in the late 90s. The workout ended with push-ups followed by a cooldown and stretching. For the next few days my glutes and abs were SORE, the sign of a good workout.


Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness Kickboxing classes are offered every Sunday and Wednesday evening at 7pm and the cost is $7 per class. No sign-ups are needed. Just show up in comfortable workout clothes and prepare to sweat! If you’d prefer to get the whole family involved in martial arts, FMAA offers several classes throughout the week for beginners to advanced students. Go to or like “Findlay Martial Arts Academy” on Facebook for more information.