Penny Pinching Activities

. June 2, 2017.

Summer is the perfect time to get the kids out of the house and get active. Oftentimes, though, the cost of those activities can really add up. This is especially true when you have more than one child! There are plenty of activities for families this summer that won’t break the bank. Local parks are a great place to start!

Hancock Park District

Are you looking for some free or low cost activities right here in Findlay? The Hancock Park District offers a variety of great activities – not to mention some great playgrounds for kids of all ages! Within the Hancock Park District families can go fishing, take hikes, play disc golf, geocache, play sand volleyball or play horseshoes. Plus there is a dog park for furry family members! These activities can be enjoyed any day during park hours! There is so much room for fun and creativity!

Are you looking for structured activities that won’t cost too much? There are some great activities coming up this summer for the Hancock Park District.

Can you believe you there are that many events that are free? Plus there are low cost events like archery and canoeing for $10-$15/child. For full activity descriptions and information for registration (if required) visit the Hancock Park District website and “Hancock Park District” on Facebook.

Wood County Park District

With a short drive north families can enjoy all the Wood County Park District has to offer. With 19 parks and over 1,100 acres, many opportunities await you. There are various fishing spots including spots that are fishing for families only (adults may not fish alone). There are also opportunities for geocaching, nature trails, educational programs, canoe livery, birding and many other opportunities invite you to explore, discover and enjoy.

Recently, the Wood County Park District opened the Bradner Interpretive Center which is a free hands-on nature museum with interactive activities. It will be open from 8am to sunset everyday of the year. Plus their Heritage FARM Fest community event on June 17 from 1-4 is completely free.

There are many great low cost events available as well! For full activity descriptions and registration information visit and “Wood County Park District” on Facebook.

Enjoy Time Outdoors

The larger the family, the more summer activities can cost. As we’ve listed here, they don’t have to cost anything at all! There are great options to enjoy and learn more about nature, play, explore and enjoy time together in the great outdoors! And it’s all right here at our local park districts! So round up the kids and go have some fun without worrying about what it will cost!

Here are a few of the FREE activities to look forward to:

Nocturnal Animals (June 8th), Richard S. “Doc” Phillips Discovery Center Open House (multiple dates), Lake Exploration Hike (June 10th), Snakes of Ohio: Open House (June 11th), Wee Ones: Daddy Longlegs (June 12th), Saturn (June 24th), Lavender: Open House (June 25th), Growing Green Thumbs: Herbs of the McKinnis Garden (July 1st), The Dwarf Planets (July 6th), Astronomy Day (July 8th), Creepy Crawly Hike (July 8th), Independence Day: Open House (July 9th), Photography Hike (July 15th), Amazing Caterpillars: Open House (July 16th), Discovery Story: Caterpillars (July 17th), Wee Ones: Tails (July 24th).

Some other free activities to look forward to this summer includes:

Paddle the Pond (various dates), Vegetable Garden (June 6th), Native Nursery Night (various dates), Macroinvertebrate Search (June 24th), International Mud Day (June 24th), Heritage Farm Demo: Livestock Care (July 1st), Nature Counts (July 8th), PiPs: Go, Goats, Go! (July 8th), Farm Chores: Goat Wrangling (July 8th), Butterfly ID Walk (July 9th), Fire by the River (July 14th), Open Archery (July 21st), PiPs: Butterflies (July 21st), Barn Cleaning (July 25th), Homeschoolers: Dragonflies (July 28th).