A new cause to celebrate

. October 19, 2012.

There’s a new means of support for families with children, adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum in Toledo. The University of Toledo Center for Excellence in Autism opened a new facility last month in UT Medical Center’s Kobacker Center. “The Center for Excellence in Autism is unique in that it serves the needs of adolescents and adults across their lifespan by facilitating maximum potential for personal growth and quality of life,” says Sherry Moyer, Executive Director and Research Director. “While there is a growing number of services for children, there’s a gap in care for adolescents and adults, although their need for care doesn’t lessen.”

The Center will provide several initiatives to assist those with autism spectrum disorders including the Adolescent Girl Initiative, the Juvenile/Criminal Justice Initiative and Global Skills University. All programs feature classes and programs for adolescents and adults to assist with problem solving skills, behavioral regulation, sexual development and more.

For more info call 419-383-3030 or email autisminfo@utoledo.edu.