Center for Autism and Dyslexia “Catapults” into the Future

. October 1, 2016.

The Center for Autism and Dyslexia started a decade ago with one student.

Now the center has two locations, in Findlay and Lima, and more than 145 students and 70 staff members. Recently the private school reached another milestone: a partnership with Catapult Learning, a New Jersey-based company that has special education facilities in more than 500 school districts around the country.

The Center for Autism and Dyslexia is a chartered school and therapeutic center providing Applied Behavior Analysis for preschool through high school aged students. A student’s curriculum is adapted to meet individualized needs.

Much will remain the same

Most of the center’s operations, staffing, and philosophies will remain the same in the new partnership, said founder and psychologist Susan Pneuman, who is now Catapult’s director of autism services. Catapult’s purchase of the center will allow for more training and better technology to address the needs of the center’s students and families.

“I visited several Catapult schools and I appreciated the consistency the student population was receiving because everyone was using the same model,” said Pneuman. “They visited us and they wanted us to join together. It was a great fit.”

Stronger resources

Catapult will provide the center with educational materials and software, professional development and parent training opportunities. The biggest difference will be some of the education models, which include a rotation that allows for more individual attention throughout the school day.

Pneuman’s new duties include helping Catapult expand private autism and dyslexia services into other areas. It was bittersweet changing a center that she started, but the time had come to further improve what was already a successful educational model by using Catapult’s resources.

“When you get the best of the best together only good things can happen,” said Pneuman.

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