Does Your Child Need Individualized Special Education?

. September 1, 2016.

All parents want the best for their child, but sometimes deciding if a child needs additional services and how to get that assistance can be overwhelming. Kathy Young, a special education supervisor for Findlay City Schools, helps pave the way for early diagnosis and treatment.

If a parent has any concern about his/her child’s development–anything from delayed speech, to difficulties walking, to behavioral issues–Hancock County Help Me Grow can screen children under 3-years-old, without cost to the family, and provide recommendations and develop a plan to support the child and family. For children ages 3 to 5, school districts are responsible for screening kids before they are enrolled in school.

Young continues, “Children identified with a disability in their preschool years may be eligible for services through their school district. There is a continuum of services [available]. [Parents can also] talk with their school district about community options, such as library programs, park district opportunities, and social skill opportunities through local agencies.”

Early detection and treatment of any issue is paramount in helping a child reach his/her full potential. Each child identified with a special need receives services from the district, including individualized support from an intervention specialist and therapy if the child is eligible. Young explains, “Early Intervention is key to the success of a child. The [special education services provided] can be in a day care, private preschool, or in the center-based public school setting.

The team, including the parent, discusses these options and makes a team decision.”

Young adds, “Trust in the team working with your child. Communicate and ask questions because reports contain a great deal of information and sometimes questions arise after the meeting….The district special education supervisor, school psychologist and parent mentor can assist a parent as they navigate the process.”

Contact Hancock County Help Me Grow at 419-423-8687
or the special education supervisors for the Findlay City School district
Kathy Young 419-425-8245 and Maryl Hill 419-425-8238