Findlay Social Club For Guys With Special Needs

. July 29, 2016.

Everybody needs a place where they belong. On Tuesday nights male kids and teens with special needs belong at Flag City Champions, an agency developed to facilitate after work, leisure and recreational activities that promote socialization for men with developmental disabilities. Founded by David Seng, services are available Monday through Friday for adult men, but Tuesday nights are kid’s night.

“It’s a place for guys with special needs to just be guys” says Seng. The group plays games, goes swimming, bowling, and has regular movie nights. Many attend the program 3 to 5 nights per week, “looking forward to hanging out with their friends.”

A Place for Guys

Flag City Champions houses the ultimate “man cave,” walls lined with couches, a huge television, exercise equipment, video games and, perhaps, a few left over pizza boxes.

For a flat rate of $10, boys and teens with special needs can hang out, play video games, and eat pizza (there’s always pizza on Tuesday) from 3:30-8:30pm. “We provide a safe place for guys to socialize in the evenings and after school,” explains Seng.

David’s younger brother Mike is his inspiration for Flag City Champions. Mike has autism and really came out of his shell through the interactions and friendships he made by attending Special Kids Therapy. Seng was so inspired by his brother’s progress that he began volunteering with Special Kids Therapy, working in that field throughout college. After college Seng wanted to expand his work to a larger population.

Tuesday Night Fun

Most Tuesday nights start with 30 minutes of exercise. Everyone in attendance takes turns timing a partner on the exercise bike, holding the punching bag, or cheering them on. “We get really competitive, in a friendly way,” explains Seng with a laugh.

Kids night is an opportunity for young men with special needs to interact positively with male role models, form friendships with guys just like them, and work on community integration and social skills all while participating in fun activities.

Flag City Champions is a niche program that has been well received and is growing, “there are plenty of daytime programs but there wasn’t anything going on in the evenings [for individuals with special needs]” states Seng. The beauty of Tuesday night’s being kids night is that kids and teens can grow with the program. As they get older, they can get more involved.

Flag City Champions | 1333 Lima Ave
For more information or to sign up call 567-208-9692
or use keywords “Flag City Champions” on Facebook