Give me a C!

. September 25, 2012.

This summer, special needs kids ages 4 and up will have something to cheer about. Starting in August, Findlay Elite Gymnastics and Cheer will host an open-gym activity allowing kids with special needs to learn basic cheer skills from tumbling to jumping. “It’s truly an amazing situation, and takes you out of the element of win, win, win — just getting the kids to participate,” says Traci Dunn, co-director of the cheer program.

With a uniform consisting of shorts and a t-shirt, the cheer squad will potentially be participating in the Findlay High School homecoming parade, an alumni basketball game, American Cheer Power Competition in Columbus, the Mindy Justice Cheer Extravaganza and Findlay High School Dance Competition. Dunn hopes the performances and competitions will help special needs children gain confidence and social skills.

“We want to start with smaller, low-key competitions before moving on to national competitions,” Dunn says.

The monthly fee for the cheer squad will be $40; summer gymnastics classes are $5. Registration forms can be filled out on class days. Findlay Elite Gymnastics and Cheer, 610 3rd St., Findlay. July 12 and July 26. 6-7pm. 419-425-9765.