Not boxed in

. September 27, 2012.

Findlay’s Special Kids Therapy is a valuable resource for families with special needs, and they’re offering a chance at some good times, too, with their Out of the Box after-school program. Kids up to 20 years old can take part in swimming, bowling, art and music over three 8-week sessions during the school year. The program is inclusive, with no restrictions other than that the child must have a special need and scholarships available for those in need of a little extra help. “We don’t specify that it has to be autistic children, or children with Down Syndrome,” says executive director Anne Spence. “We have a wide variety.” And participation in group activities can have a great effect on kids’ well-being and behavior. “It’s keeps the kids engaged and involved,” says Spence, “and it gives them things to do, and ways to be creative and have fun.” They even bring in a DJ for scheduled dances two to three times a year for the participating kids and young adults.

Cost is $60 for each week, with activities between Tuesday and Thursday evenings. (Families can choose two evenings for $45.) 6-7:30pm. 1700 E. Sandusky. 419-422-5607. —MD