Parade Aid for Special Needs Kids

. October 1, 2016.

Awakening Minds Art will offer free activities to keep children safe and entertained during the sometimes-chaotic fun of the downtown Findlay Halloween parade.

Spooky Candy Crafts

The studio will open at 5pm to the general public, with free crafty Halloween/candy-themed activities. According to AMA director Sarah Crisp, “this is intended to keep youth entertained while their parents are holding their seats for the parade. 

Parade Seating

AMA will offer reserved-seating in front of their building exclusively for special needs families, with room for wheelchairs and less crowding. Children are often “bullied and physically pushed out of the way,” Crisp says. “I wanted to give these individuals the chance to attend the parade like a typical child gets to do, so we section off the entire area for them to have this opportunity, in a less threatening environment.”

Sensory Break Space

During the parade, AMA will shut their doors and turn off lights, appearing to be closed to the public. Special needs families, however, will be able to enter if their child needs “a break from the sirens, the people, the scary costumes etc. Even just to use the restroom. It’s quiet inside and a familiar place to take a breather. “This is one way to make attending the parade possible for our families,” Crisp said.

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