Where you “Can Do” Anything

. June 26, 2014.

Kan Du Studio, an extension of Blanchard Valley Center, is hoping to recruit local art community members to share their talents and love of art with students.

Kan Du Studio has supported artists with disabilities since 2007, and strives to provide numerous opportunities. The studio was recently awarded a grant of  $520,000 as part of Governor Kasich’s Arts and Cultural Budget.

According to Cindy Maag, BVC executive assistant/public awareness specialist, there are preliminary plans to relocate and/or expand the studio and get more local artists involved. This would include expanding the number of saleable items within the art gallery.

“We would like to enable more participation. That’s what our mission statement is about,” Maag said. “We would like to integrate more with the community.” 

Kan Du Studio, 329 South Main St., Findlay. 419-581-0254. kandustudio.org.