Sunshine Institute offers unique counseling for all ages

. April 2, 2018.

What do Labradoodles, ball pits and waterfalls have in common? They are all part of the alternative methods used by Sunshine Institute, a mental health practice located in Findlay. Sunshine Institute offers counseling for individuals, groups, couples and families in a sensory-rich environment.

Counseling for all

Ashley Jacobus, founder and lead counselor, began Sunshine Institute because she “really enjoyed working with kids and using alternative methods to reach them.” Play, movement and sensory activities are just some of the methods
Jacobus and the other clinicians use. In addition to one-on-one counseling, group sessions are offered to help children of similar ages learn self-regulation, cooperation, sharing and mindfulness skills through movement-based activities.

Counseling is also available for youth and adults that have experienced trauma such as bullying, abuse, divorce, death or a military experience. The practice currently employs clinicians including occupational therapists, a social worker, a clinical psychologist and two therapy Labradoodles, Daisy and Sunny.

A perfect environment for kids with special needs

Jacobus explains, “I really enjoy working with the developmentally delayed population, so that inspired me to want to create a really sensory-rich environment where kids can thrive and feel comfortable.” Sunshine Institute offers a sensory room, a favorite of kids with special needs, which contains a balance beam, ball pit, swings, a crash pad and various compression items. “It’s fun, but it’s therapeutic as well. It’s very goal-directed and evidence-based,” says Jacobus. The clinicians at Sunshine Institute are also trained to diagnose and offer correlating care for those on the Autism Spectrum.

Many health insurance plans, including, for some services,  Medicaid, are accepted. To find out more call 419-419-8500 or visit “Sunshine Institute” on Facebook.