Taking Care of the Skin We’re In

. July 31, 2018.

Skin is the largest organ of the body, yet we often take it for granted. I can personally attest to skipping sunscreen too often, using a makeup remover wipe as my “skincare regimen” and watching dark eye circles appear after years of interrupted sleep with young children. According to Dr. Carrie Scarbrough-Sampson PharmD, “It’s ideal to start a good skincare routine in your twenties or thirties, but it truly is never too late to see benefits.” After years of perfecting her skincare line in the pharmacy lab, Scarbrough-Sampson now has a wide variety of products for all ages.


Skincare solutions for all ages

Scarbrough Pharmacy opened in 1961 and is currently owned by Scarbrough-Sampson’s father, Stanley Scarbrough, RPh. “We’ve always had a focus here at Scarbrough on not just treating something but preventing it and aging well,” explains Scarbrough-Sampson. When the father-daughter duo began learning about skincare ingredients at dermatology conferences, Scarbrough-Sampson began to research and experiment on her own to see how she could help solve common skin problems utilizing the most effective ingredients.

The Ageless Skincare line launched in December, 2010 and continues to grow. Scarbrough-Sampson also created “Fresh Face,” a skincare line for teens to address blemishes, redness and clogged pores. All skincare products are free from parabens, dyes and fragrances making them a good fit for even the most sensitive skin. Her products use higher percentages of active ingredients than typical skincare products and deliver fast results. “I look at the molecular level to see what the ingredients can do and how I can maximize their effectiveness,” she explains.


Trying the products

Scarbrough-Sampson recommends that beginners start with the Ageless AM & PM Moisturizers as a good way to cover your anti-aging bases. Armed with a bag of samples, I followed her advice and begin with the Ageless PM Moisturizer which promotes collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles (yes, please!). A little went a long way as the texture felt much thicker and higher in quality than the moisturizer I typically use. My face felt incredibly soft as it did with the Ageless AM Moisturizer. I am only two days in, but I am excited to see results. Linne Gilbert, another member of our staff who is in her late 50s, saw a 50% reduction in the appearance of a brown age spot on her face and has noticed clearer more vibrant skin in just two weeks. I also love the fact that we can get a one-on-one consultation with the creator of the products right here in Findlay, Ohio!

Ageless Skincare and Fresh Face Skincare lines are available at Scarbrough Pharmacy located at 1809 S. Main St. in Findlay. More information is available at agelessskin.net or by calling 419-423-1513.