Taking Young Athletes to the Next Level

. March 1, 2018.
CrossFit m2 offers a comprehensive athletic training program to prepare 
youth athletes for varsity and collegiate level sports.
CrossFit m2 offers a comprehensive athletic training program to prepare youth athletes for varsity and collegiate level sports.

Is your child hoping to compete at the varsity level and/or play collegiate sports? If so, consider trying CrossFit M2’s Athletic Performance Training, or D1AP. The D1AP, program helps teen athletes to develop confidence to perform their best. The trainers at CFM2 specialize in developing athletes, ages 13 through 18, for hockey, figure skating, soccer, track, volleyball, football, basketball and baseball. As the gym that is known for its good vibes and high fives, teens will love the uplifting environment and skill-set the CrossFit M2 coaches have to offer.

CrossFit M2 coaches are
effective and uplifting

Michael Matthes brings a wealth of experience to training teens as he played several years of junior hockey around North America. When he returned to the Findlay area he used his experience and knowledge to begin personal training. From two clients in 2010 to running a successful Crossfit gym with hundreds of clients today, Matthes’ passion for developing athletes, along with his positive attitude and energy, make CrossFit M2 a natural fit for teen athletes looking to improve their skills.

“D1 Athletic Performance takes an integrated, systemic approach to providing unparalleled athletic development training. Our program is challenging yet fun, and in an inspiring environment for youth. Programs are focused on flexibility, speed, power, strength, agility, balance, anaerobic conditioning and injury prevention,” explains Matthes.

Alumni from the D1 program
play collegiate sports

Several alumni of the program have gone on to compete at the collegiate level including Mitch Perrault, a Division 1 hockey player at Harvard University, and Margot Simeon, Division 1 soccer player at University of Maine.z

Another alumni to participate in the athletic development program is Eric Wymer who had a successful collegiate Cross Country career at Ohio Northern University. “Over the course of the past couple months, I have been training with CrossFit M2 and I love it! His program is like nothing I have ever experienced before. It’s not just a line of machines or a drill sergeant barking at you. The energy and enthusiasm that the trainers bring to the gym is unbelievable. Michael is extremely passionate about what he does and he makes it fun. If you are looking to take your fitness to the next level or just get in shape then I highly recommend checking into CrossFit M2” Wymer says.

Programs offered
throughout the year

Teens in the program meet throughout the week with low athlete-to-coach ratios to ensure plenty of individual attention. Programs are offered throughout the summer as well as over the course of the school year. Costs vary depending on the athlete and the specific programs. For more information about D1 Athletic Performance go to d1crossfitm2.com or call Matthes at 419-957-8819.