The Family Resource Center Addresses Mental Health in a Changing World

. August 31, 2018.

As parents and caregivers, we take our child’s health seriously baby proofing our homes, teaching our children how to swim and reminding them to wear a helmet while riding a bike. But along with those physical safeguards, a child’s emotional well-being is just as important when it comes to growing to become a healthy, happy adult.

A Changing Environment

Dr. Meagan McBride Klein, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Director of Prevention and Early Intervention at the Family Resource Center of Northwest Ohio, Inc. explains that children today live in a different world than the world that their parents and caregivers grew up in. “We see depression and anxiety on the rise, predominantly in our middle and high school aged kids,” she explains. While many factors contribute to this, McBride Klein points out that environmental factors play a role. For example, by eliminating wood shop and home economics classes in the schools, students often lack the hands-on experience that provided an outlet and space to move about and create during the school day.

The Family Resource Center’s services

In response to this changing environment, the Family Resource Center is dedicated to helping children grow into healthy and resilient adults. “We offer education on drugs and alcohol, making healthy choices, social and emotional skill development and pro-social peer engagement,” McBride Klein shares.

The FRC staff works in schools, preschools, childcare settings, courts and other locations throughout the community to ensure that Hancock County children and parents receive the support they need. The Center also offers individual and group counseling, crisis intervention and a variety of behavioral health resources, regardless of ability to pay.

Family Resource Center of Northwest Ohio, 1941 Carlin St., Findlay. For more information, go to or call the Hancock County office at 419-422-8616.