Tips and tricks for gearing up for school

. August 1, 2017.

As the summer comes to a close, families and kids gear up for another school year full of learning and fun. However, some families may have to plan more than others. Special needs families sometimes experience unique difficulties transitioning to the back-to-school season, so it’s helpful to know some tips and tricks on getting special needs youngsters back into the learning mindset.

School year building blocks

Thankfully, Findlay has many outlets that help and advocate for the special needs community. The community-building Friends of BVS (Blanchard Valley School) is striving to support children and families with developmental differences and bring together people to support, advocate for, and empower those with special needs in the Findlay community.

Friends of BVS offer many opportunities for parents and kids to maintain their balance during the school year. In connection with Blanchard Valley Center, Parent Support Groups run through August to prepare for the school year, as well as parenting classes.

Changing gradually

A good way to slowly introduce more learning to prepare for the school year is to slowly integrate fun trips and activities as well. The Children’s Museum of Findlay has a Sensory Cool Down room for kids that experience sensory issues and Awakening Minds has a variety of painting classes.

Gearing up for the school season can be a challenge, but slowly building up to the school year and using support outlets will help your family be prepared.

Friends of BVS is located at 1700 East Sandusky Street
For more information visit and
“Friends of BVS” on Facebook