Tips for your Pokemon Party with a Findlay Flare

. October 1, 2016.

Parents get misty-eyed when their children out

grow traditions like trick-or-treat. But older kids can still play around for Halloween with a Pokemon Go-themed party. Halloween costumes graduate to “cosplay,” and the game’s unique draw—socializing—can be in full effect for tweens, teens, and adults too!


Treats for Trainers

Gather candies in the Pokeball’s signature red, black, and white colors, such as licorice, Swedish Fish, and mints. Make Pokeball Oreos by dipping each end in melted white chocolate, leaving a dark line across the middle, rolling half in red sprinkles. Create Pokeball snack trays with mozzarella cubes, red bell pepper chunks, a row of black olives, and a small bowl of ranch dip in the middle. For a fruity version, fill a tray with half strawberries, half sliced banana, with a line of blackberries and a small bowl of cream cheese dip down the center. Or make pizzas (above)  with pepperoni on half and black olives down the middle.



Balloons and tableware in in red, black, and white are simple, or draw Pikachu faces on yellow balloons with black and red Sharpies. or Party Place at 1940 Tiffin Ave., Findlay have Pokemon-themed  supplies and costumes. Pinterest is loaded with creative ideas for DIY favors and decor.


Gotta Catch ‘em All!

Instead of trick-or-treating, take a flashlight walk through your neighborhood’s fun to catch Pokemon. If your party’s on the weekend, wander Riverside Park to see who you can catch while enjoying autumn colors. On parade night, head to Findlay’s downtown to catch em all at Pokestops and Gyms like those that have been found at St. Andrew’s Church, The Hancock Co. Veteran’s Memorial, the Hancock County Public Library, murals and bicentennial-painted hydrants. While downtown, grab a warm drink at Coffee Amici or The Cracked Pot Tea Shop, where owner Beth Druschel says “I have several people that find Pokemon in my shop!”