Career Planning through Findlay Area Exploring Program

. January 5, 2016.

Career planning can never begin too early for a young person in today’s world – and that’s where “Exploring,”comes in.

A co-ed career development program offered to Findlay area students ages 14 to 20 years or those who have completed 8th grade, the program is managed under the Boy Scouts of America, functions spearately from the actual scouting program.

According to Colin Earl, Assistant Scout Executive with the Black Swamp Boy Scouts of America, the Exploring Program offers area youth an opportunity to take a closer look at professions they are interested in. In order to provide those opportunities, the Exploring team gathers results from school career interest surveys and then reaches out to local businesses to participate in the program.

Get a Firsthand Look

“This is a great program because it gives youth a firsthand look into a profession,” Earl said. “Why not test drive the career before investing thousands of dollars and time to find out, it’s not for me. Explorers can network with professionals and get a step up on their classmates.”

Meetings take place throughout the school year at a designated Exploring post to expose students to professions such as engineering, computer science, and nursing. Meetings are usually in the evening and run one to two hours. Students are offered hands-on projects so that they can get an in-depth look into a specific career. Projects could include computer coding, robotics, software design, etc.

Exposure to the Unknown

The experience can also introduce students to areas within a chosen profession they had not yet considered.

“Great example, a sophomore girl participating in the health career field was set on becoming a nurse,” said Earl. “But after one meeting where the Explorers spent two hours on radiation therapy her focus changed and her interest was radiation therapy.”      

Bethany Marquis, project engineer at Marathon Petroleum Company, works with students through the engineering post within the program.

“When I was in high school, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up,” Marquis said. “I think that the Exploring post provides a valuable opportunity for students to learn about careers that interest them and to interact with professionals in those fields. It’s an incredibly rewarding program to be a part of.”

Marquis said her role allows her to lead a team of coworkers in the scheduling, design and execution of each of their post events. Some are hands-on experiences and others are labs at Ohio Northern University that require coordination with university staff.

For more information about the Exploring program, contact Colin Earl at
419-422-4356, ext. 153 or