Giving hearts

. February 28, 2013.

Why are you called candy stripers?
Maya: We don’t actually deliver candy! But we do wear red and white striped frocks that sort of look like peppermints.
Emma: Our main job is going to each patient’s room and asking them if there is anything we can do, like getting fresh water, or anything at all to help them out.

What is your favorite floor to visit?
Emma: I personally like the sixth floor because of the elderly people. I love getting them to smile and making their day.
Maya: My favorite is the third floor maternity ward. I like seeing the newborns and families. I hand out baby bags with a children’s book, sparkling grape juice and other goodies.
Lucy: I really enjoy each floor. The third floor is fun because of the babies. But I also like the floors with elderly patients because they keep us on
our toes.

You three volunteer together. What other interests do you share?
Maya: We are involved in similar activities, including athletics and varsity cheerleading. We share the same determination and motivation.
Emma: Maya and I are also on the [Findlay High School] dance team, and Lucy is involved in the Findlay First Edition Show Choir.
Lucy: All three of us are outgoing and always willing to help people.

Do you always get along?
Maya: We get along most of the time, but we’re all very competitive and want to do our best so sometimes that turns into controversy.

What is your favorite thing to do together?
Emma: Sister’s night together. We hang out, watch movies, eat lots of junk food and just relax.

Any special moments you remember as a candy striper?
Maya: The hospital seems to be filled with older people, so I always remember the younger patients. I try to give children special attention because I know they are scared of the needles and other stuff.
Emma: I remember once coming across this elderly man eating alone in the cafeteria. I decided to just go over and talk with him and we had a nice long chat. My visit with him  reminded me that our job is to make everyone in the hospital happy, and that includes family members.
Lucy: There are always a few patients that stand out because they share advice and compliment us. We have a lot of fun!

What have you learned as a candy striper?
Lucy: Even if you are having a bad day, there is someone else having a worse day. It always lifts our spirits to see someone smile even though they are sick. It makes us realize we don’t have anything to complain about and we should be grateful for every day that we are healthy.