Groups Empower, Encourage and Motivate Girls in our Community

. April 12, 2016.

“Nothing like a little ‘girl power’ to help make the world a better place,” says Emily Momberg, community support provider for the Family Resource Center of Northwest Ohio (FRC).  

Inspired by the many television ads geared toward “fixing” women through weight loss, cosmetic surgery and more, Emily decided to create two groups geared toward empowering young girls and teens to be proud of who they are, exactly as they are.  Since getting started in January, each of these groups meets weekly at FRC, 1941 Carlin St., in Findlay.  The groups are open to any girl who may be interested in joining. The more, the merrier!

Girl Talk

Girl Talk takes place every Monday from 4:30- 5:30pm, teaching girls, ages 7-12, to empower, encourage and motivate themselves and other girls. Each meeting starts with an icebreaker, or game, to help the girls get to know one another before they move on to a discussion and activity. “This group has given the girls confidence to make new friends,” explains Emily. “These girls stick up for each other, and they have only been meeting for a short time. Imagine what they can do in the future.”

Girl Empowerment

The Girl Empowerment Group meets every Tuesday from 6:30-7:30pm.  This group is geared toward teen girls, ages 13-17, with discussion topics such as confidence, anti-bullying, body acceptance, stereotypes and more. Similar to the Girl Talk Group, each meeting starts with an icebreaker before a discussion and activity.  When asked about her vision for the two groups, Emily responded, “I hope the girls leave the group feeling more confident about themselves, make new friends and develop pride in what they each have to offer the world. Also I hope to give the girls the empowerment they need to stand up for others.”  

Interested in trying out a group?
Parents and guardians can contact the FRC at
419-422-8616 to sign up, or contact Emily Momberg
with questions at