Safety dance

. September 27, 2012.

Teens looking for a safe place to party have a new option, as local club Studio 4 Findlay launches its teen night every Friday. Kids will always want a place to gather and to enjoy their own nightlife, but for parents nervous about letting their young ones into a potentially dangerous situation, Studio 4 is committed to easing their concerns. Strict anti-alcohol policies are in place, and any teen suspected of drinking will be denied entry. All bags and purses are searched, and a dress code is in place to screen out unwanted behavior. Teens can’t leave the club and re-enter, so parents can be sure of knowing where their charges are. But Studio 4’s goal is to keep them from wanting to leave at all, with an emphasis on wholesome good times. So, no need to worry — kids can dance the (early) night away and they’ll be happy when you pick them up.

Fridays, 7:30-11:30pm. $5-10. 1926 Tiffin Ave. 419-423-2582.  —MD