The secrets of success

. September 20, 2012.

When you think of an active middle school student, extracurricular activities, friends and family come to mind, but what about published author? For 13 year-old Liberty Benton student, Demiya Miller, 27 Pre-Teen Tips to Get Good Grades, Get Good Friends and Get Your Parents to Say "Yes" to Almost Everything is just the beginning. " As her first book, the guide to success has taken her from coast to coast with speaking engagements to promote healthy, positive choices. "I really wanted to go to Los Angeles," says Miller. "But my mom told me I would have to either start a business or write a book." "Well, I wanted to teach her responsibility," adds her mom Andrea Adams-Miller.

After considering her strengths, Demiya put her pen to paper. "I get good grades, have good friends and my parents say 'yes' to almost everything," Demiya explains. "There are benefits to having good grades — scholarships and being able to participate in other after school activities. I wanted to share the benefits with others my age."

Promoting positivity

On becoming "America's Youngest Authority on Student Success," Demiya was invited to speak in Los Angeles. "I met a lot of people who thought it was pretty cool that I had written a book," she explains. Since then Demiya has visited the city a second time as well as a variety of other locations, even traveling to share her story in Nevada. Speaking at a boot camp seminar hosted by James Malinchak, a financial speaker, author and participant on ABC's Secret Millionaire.

Between her speaking engagements and her studies, Demiya was chosen to participate in B-You-ti-FUL, a program begun by Julie Marie Carrier, an Emmy-nominated TV personality and success coach who appeared on the popular teen program MADE. The program invites applicants from across the country to submit their resumes of personal achievements, and only the top ten are selected. The program for young role models promotes self-confidence, success and leadership. The group meets bimonthly via Skype to chat with Carrier about the common challenges girls and young women face.  "I talk to Julie about life and how  day-to-day things are going mostly, but I can talk to her about anything," Demiya explains.

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