Wellness Studio Downtown’s new individualized stretching workout

. March 2, 2017.

What is TRX-Yoga Fusion?

Let’s start with TRX. Developed by a navy seal, TRX is suspension training that uses your bodyweight and gravity to develop strength, balance, and flexibility. Yellow and black suspension straps are used in a TRX class in a variety of ways to work different muscle groups.  Secondly, yoga has many definitions but for the sake of this article we will say that this TRX-yoga fusion class is mainly a stretching class utilizing the TRX straps.  For those familiar with yoga, we did a lot of yoga poses (downward dog, warriors 1, 2 and 3, etc.) but added in a bit more of a challenge by adding the straps.

What to expect at Wellness Studio Downtown

Expect a lot of personal attention and assistance when you need it.  I attended a lunchtime class, typically smaller in size than most classes at the studio.  The other participants regularly do TRX and came to stretch out muscles worked earlier in the week. The instructor, Nicole Bruskotter, was friendly and helpful in explaining what to expect.  This would be a great class for anyone new to TRX or yoga and the smaller crowd allowed for more assistance.  Most of the other classes at the studio, Nicole explained, fill up quickly and include cardio components.

Tailored to the individual

Nicole tailored the class to the three of us in attendance and showed us how certain moves could be helpful for areas we had identified as sore, weak or tight.  I loved her feedback and encouragement throughout the workout. Sometimes we had our hands or feet in the TRX straps, depending on the movement.  I would say the workout stretched and strengthened my muscles while also working on balance.  The time went quickly and I can honestly say I really want to go back.

The best part: relaxation

Well, I feel lame saying that the end of the workout was the best, but, let’s be honest,  it usually is!  In typical yoga fashion, the cool down ended in a final relaxation pose.  As an added bonus, Nicole gave each of us a head and shoulder massage with aromatherapy.  She is careful not to make anyone uncomfortable, so she offered to allow me to opt out, but, since I’m NOT one to turn down a free massage, I gladly accepted.  Final verdict: Sign me up!  I will be back to try another class.

Wellness Studio Downtown, 109 E. Sandusky St. in downtown Findlay.
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