XT Fitness: Functional Fitness in an Encouraging Class Environment

. May 1, 2017.

A Playground for Adults

“Gym” may not be the word that comes to mind when describing XT Fitness. With no treadmills or weight machines in sight, XT looks more like an indoor playground for adults than a traditional gym. XT Fitness is owned by Jim Steffen, America’s Fun Fitness Coach, and offers 30 classes a week. Since I know several people who rave about the classes (including my own husband) I had to go see what the fuss was all about.

Jim opened XT Fitness to provide class-based instruction focused on functional movements, or movements you use in everyday life. Jim, with his fellow instructors, coaches members through a full-body workout that is different each time you come.

Camaraderie and Encouragement

The morning class I attended began with a brief warm-up. There were four stations around the room with a list of exercises at each one. We spent nine minutes at each station completing the exercises while upbeat music videos played on a large screen. Jim walked around encouraging and coaching, calling each person by name. “What I’ve learned is that by having classes with structure people don’t drop out as much. Here you get more attention. A workout is designed for you…and it works!” explains Jim.

A Great Workout for All Ages and Fitness Levels

Station one consisted of burpees followed by kettlebell swings. Other stations included squats, jumps, pull-ups and push-ups. Time went quickly as I challenged myself to complete the exercises before the nine-minute timer went off. It helped to have some M.C. Hammer music playing in the background. U Can’t Touch This. I was in the zone.

The 36-minute workout was not complicated, but it was tough and my legs were shaking as I finished up with lunges at the last station. Jim encourages people who may be intimidated to give it a try, explaining “I tell people, if you can step up on a small box and do a squat, you can work out at XT fitness.”

XT Fitness is located at 2725 North Main Street in Findlay. Class schedules and more information can be found at www.jimsteffenfitness.com

Like many of you, I am a busy parent who doesn’t always feel like making time for a workout. However, there are a lot of great businesses around town just waiting to be discovered that make working out FUN and enjoyable. Through this column we will be giving our readers a glimpse into different group fitness classes around town so that you can be inspired to try something new. Let’s dust off those sneakers and get moving! – Jessica