Halloween Candy Buy Back Supports the Troops

. October 1, 2017.

Soon children will be bringing home bags full of candy and most of the time it is too much. Instead of stashing away all the extra candy kids can sell their extra candy at the Halloween Candy Buy Back at Mutchler & Lewis on October 29th. The best part is the candy is donated to our troops!

Mutchler & Lewis has partnered with Operation Gratitude to send packages to our troops. Not only do they include the candy, but they also receive toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and a letter from the children. It’s a great way to thank them for their service and letting them know how much they are appreciated. Other local businesses have partnered with them to make this happen as well. Ball Metal provides the shipping cost for the boxes and Culver’s donates coupons for the event.

The Halloween Candy Buy Back is Sunday, October 29th from 1-3pm (though candy donations are accepted through November 2nd) at Mutchler & Lewis (12515 County Road 99). Kids receive $1 per pound of candy. There will be games, a magician, the tooth fairy and more. Everyone leaves with a toothbrush and a chance to win an Xbox One.
The Halloween Candy Buy Back started in 2009 and continues to grow. It’s a great way to do something meaningful with the extra candy and have fun, too!