Education Guide

. February 3, 2014.

Bigelow Hill Intermediate School

300 Hillcrest Ave., Findlay
419-425-8317 • 

Bigelow Hill, home of the Trojans, is located in the northwest part of Findlay. There are approximately 290 4th and 5th grade students attending the school. Students at Bigelow Hill attend Northview Primary or Jacobs Primary, sister schools, for kindergarten through second grade. BHIS makes an effort to provide the necessary support and intervention to allow each student to meet achievement standards.

Brian Guthrie, 1st grader, Whittier Elementary
I would like it if we could get to swim for a couple hours and then learn for a couple of hours, and then go back home.”

Blanchard Valley Center

1700 E. Sandusky St., Findlay
419-425-6387 •

Six decades ago, parents teamed up to start the first school for children with developmental disabilities in Hancock County. Today, Blanchard Valley Center is a staple in the Findlay area with its reach spreading beyond the classroom doors and into the community. By providing support for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, over 450 individuals benefit from the aid and services BVC offers.

Miranda Benjamin, Sophomore, Findlay High School
“I would like to see more freedom in general. We have to ask to use the bathroom, but two months from now we’re going to make a decision on a career that we’ll do for the rest of our lives. ”

Chamberlin Hill

Intermediate School
600 W. Yates, Findlay
419-425-8328 •

Each school year brings new opportunities for academic growth and all areas of development. Chamberlin Hill Intermediate School works to help children be knowledgeable, healthy, engaged, responsible, and caring people when they move on to middle school.

Caitlan Quinlan, 5th grader, Cory-Rawson Elementary
“My favorite school would be probably the one I’m at right now because my mom teaches there and I like it there, and it’s new. I like all of the new technology the building has, and how the lights turn on and off automatically."

Donnell Middle School

301 Baldwin Ave., Findlay
419-425-8370 •

Donnell Middle School is a part of Findlay Middle Schools which pride themselves on empowering students to become critical thinkers, exude excellence in mathematics and reading, and having Trojan pride! With high expectations for students to serve others, students are often involved in many extracurricular activities and opportunities to be an outstanding member of the community are endless.

Elise Spears, Kindergartener, Liberty-Benton Elementary
“I would like to have popcorn machines and sit by whoever I want in class. And I want to read books all day.”

Faith Academy of Findlay

3120 Norcrest St., Findlay • 419-421-0590

Faith Academy of Findlay is an interdenominational Christian School for toddlers (3 year olds) to 8th graders. FAF strives to serve as an extension of the family and help each student, grow, mature and learn spiritually as a believer in Jesus. Their vision is to “create disciples of God that will personally know, love and serve the Messiah by making worthy contributions in the home, church and community worldwide.”

Findlay High School

1200 Broad Ave., Findlay
419-425-8289 •

Findlay High School strives to help students develop with the ability to recognize and realize their potential to be lifelong learners. With the help of families, students, staff, and community members, FHS will continue to contribute greatly to the community as the largest high school in the area.

Hailey Pendleton, 4th grader, McComb Elementary
“My ideal school would have no bullying – everyone would be nice to the teachers and students. Everyone would get a fair chance at everything.”

Glenwood Middle School

1715 N. Main St., Findlay
419-425-8373 •

Glenwood Middle School has a mission of providing an inclusive educational community to make sure each student has opportunities that inspire learning, development, responsibility, and build self-worth, so that they can become a productive contributing member of society.

Heritage Christian School

2000 Broad Ave., Findlay
419-424-9511 •

Heritage Christian School makes a commitment to every family whose children attend the private institution. They promise to have a personal loving relationship with God, loving relationship with students, emphasize God’s holiness in their teaching, teach self-denial, provide the opportunity for personal devotions, and provide opportunities to serve all their students.

Trent Ward, 7th grader, Liberty-Benton Middle School
“I would like to do something more like a high school, where you get to pick what classes you’d like and they give you a requirement sheet you can follow.”

Jacob’s Primary School

Jacobs Ave., Findlay
419-425-8299 •

As a part of the Findlay City Schools system, Jacob’s Primary School educates students until third grade on the subjects they need to succeed. Their mission is to work as a team in order to create positive, respectful and responsible learners.

Liberty-Benton Schools

9190 County Road 9, Findlay
419-422-8526 •

“Eagles learn to soar” at this K-12 educational institution that is home to some of the best athletes in the area, including Ohio State basketball player Aaron Craft. However, their academics are equally impressive. Their devotion to providing quality education for their students is shared by the staff and community.

Arden McMath, Senior, Arlington High School
“My ideal school would take me down a path toward becoming a responsible adult and a professional in my dream job.”

Jackson Lane, 2nd grader, St. Michael School
“If I were in charge, we’d do a lot of reading in the classroom. Outside, there would be athletic things on the playground. Boys would have Nerf guns and girls would have Rebel guns and we’d battle.”

Lincoln Elementary School

200 West Lincoln St., Findlay
419-425-8310 •

The key to Lincoln Elementary School’s success is communicating well with all members of the school, family and community. They make it a point to integrate up-to-date technology so students can get the most out of their education. Also, teachers provide a nurturing environment so students are engaged and can reach their highest potential.

Emma Otley, 6th grader, Liberty-Benton Middle School
“I would like teachers to use more fun techniques, such as music, games, or creative projects when teaching. Recess every day instead of once a week would be nice!”

Millstream Career & Technology

1150 Broad Ave., Findlay
419-425-8277 •

Millstream Career & Technology provides preparation for two or four-year college careers. Students get real-world work experience, career exploration, training in the newest technologies, as well as a strong academic foundation that they need to succeed in college. Programs range to include a multitude of career paths.

Northview Primary School

133 Lexington Ave., Findlay
419-425-8290 •

Northview Primary School is part of a child-centered partnership that works to ensure all students develop a strong foundation of knowledge, skills, and recognize their abilities through guidance and support from a dedicated staff, committed families and an involved community.

St. Michael Catholic School

723 Sutton Place, Findlay
419-423-2738  •

St. Michael the Archangel School educates students from preschool through 8th grade. Opportunities for early education classes include preschool, kindergarten readiness, afternoon and full-day kindergarten. They also offer special classes including music, art, physical education, and technology. Additionally offered is Title One reading, speech, access to a guidance counselor, school psychologist, and tutors. They commend themselves on being a Spirit-filled community that develops sound and high-achieving students.

Madelyn Badertscher, 8th grader, Van Buren Middle School
“An ideal school to me would have less homework, especially for those who have extra-curricular activities. It’s hard to finish homework and get to bed at a decent time when practices sometimes don’t end until 7:30 or 8 o’clock.”

Vanlue Local School

301 S. East St., Vanlue
419-387-7724 •

Vanlue Local School District offers K-12 with class sizes providing a teacher to student ratio of 1/10 for individualized attention. Students have academic opportunities such as Millstream, Post-Secondary Option, and online semester-long classes to help them reach their fullest potential. “Pay-to-play” is not a policy at the Home of the Wildcats!

Van Buren Schools

217 S. Main St., Van Buren
419-299-3384 •

Each school year is an opportunity for new beginnings at Van Buren Schools, whether it’s taking new classes, making new friends or finding out what career you are passionate about. Students in grades K-12 are proud Black Knights here, and shine in their armor when it comes to academics, sports and community involvement.

Bryson Sleppy, Freshman, Arlington High School
“I really like (Arlington’s) computer and history classes now, so I would enjoy lots more history and more computer work.”

David Hoban, Junior, Findlay High School
“My ideal school is one that has a dedicated staff and a chance to let students follow the path they want, whether it is in advanced classes, athletics or any other area that interests him or her.”


Elementary School
733 Wyandot St., Findlay

Wilson Vance

Intermediate School
610 Bristol Ave., Findlay

As sister schools and educational partners, Whittier and Wilson Vance Schools share a mission of instilling virtues and providing experiences for each child that nurture development while creating responsible citizens and lifelong learners.